It may come as a surprise that chiropractic care is considered beneficial for babies, but there are many reasons to take your child to see a chiropractor. For example, you may need a paediatric chiropractor for an irritable baby, to help you determine the cause of their fussiness and correct the problem. Here are a few reasons to schedule an appointment for your baby or young child. 

  • Children grow constantly. When their spines are properly aligned, they can grow the way they are supposed to without undue pressure on the muscles or bones. 
  • Children play hard. If you have a toddler or pre-schooler, you know that they are often jumping, running, climbing – and falling. Regular chiropractic adjustments may help ensure that your child’s little body functions and heals at its full potential. 
  • Better sleep. All patients, even babies, may sleep better when their bodies are correctly aligned. 

For 30 years, Alive Chiropractic has been helping people in the Emerald area and beyond stay healthy and enjoy the best quality of life possible, free of pain, without drugs or surgery. Rather than simply treating your symptoms and masking the problem, we look for the underlying cause of your discomfort and address it directly to help you recover and feel your best. We can also make recommendations for care, provide the education you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family, and respect your wishes when it comes to your healthcare choices. If you or your child is experiencing pain or discomfort and think chiropractic treatments or massage therapy might be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

At Alive Chiropractic, we provide a range of services designed to help maximise our patients’ overall health and well-being. These services include:

  • Chiropractic. We offer chiropractic treatments to people of all ages designed to enhance the health of the nervous system, spinal alignment, and even mental health. 
  • Massage. We offer massage therapy to help with relaxation, recovery from an injury, and relief of chronic pain conditions. 
  • Osteopathy. Closely related to chiropractic and massage, osteopathy involves the manipulation of the bones, muscles, and joints.

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Chiropractic care is becoming a much more common choice – even parents are choosing a paediatric chiropractor to address a wide range of problems for their children. Whether you need a paediatric chiropractor for an assessment or to identify and treat any potential issues, these professionals help ensure your child’s overall well-being. At Alive Chiropractic, we provide chiropractic services for patients of all ages. 

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